When we launched SrSly, we were focused on Bitcoin and the other Cryptos, and to be honest, we totally missed the potential of the underlying Blockchain technology.

We wanted to provide a platform for people to learn and earn cryptos and then invest their initial profits in some mining contracts that would eventually grow their holdings on auto. That’s worked out very well, and a lot of people have done just that…

But it’s also become clear we’re uniquely positioned to offer a whole lot more than that.

We now have over 2400 members with a shared interest in cryptos and by extension, the blockchain, so we’re going to see if we can leverage that into some useful investment opportunities for our Members.

Moving forward I’m going to be looking for more projects like the one above, and try to identify ways our Members can invest in the actual businesses. It won’t be for everyone, but as your earnings increase, especially those paid in various crypto currencies, we’ll aim to have a list of projects you can invest in longer-term, to claim a stake in this ‘revolution’.

The WeeklyIco program in your portfolio is already doing this to a certain extent, so that’s a good one to test the waters with if you have any spare funds.

If you don’t have the funds yet, make sure you stick with the process…

  • Generate the traffic to get the free referral payouts.
  • Use those to upgrades some of the smaller/cheaper programs.
  • When they start paying upgrade some of the other programs.
  • When they start paying roll your commissions into mining contracts…

And as those contracts mature be ready to look at some much more substantial crypto investment opportunities we’ll be researching & recommending for you…

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