By now you should have received a notification our our recent program changes… and hopefully you got in quickly and have updated your account by now. If you did, then you would have seen it was a fairly substantial update.

You see three things became clear when we started on the update…

1. Most of the people we were attracting with our totally ‘free and easy’ approach were never going to follow through, do the work and reinvest their profits. Heck, most of them won’t even bother to confirm their email.

2. But we do get a very consistent percentage of the people who sign up who will get stuck in, set up their accounts and start promoting. But we risk losing them if they don’t get real results fairly quickly…

3. And those people are happy to invest now if there’s a reasonable expectation that they’ll get their money back in a reasonable time frame.

So in hindsight, when we started out a couple of years back, we probably put a little bit too much emphasis on ‘free and easy’ and not enough on ‘real time, effort and investment required‘.

So with this update, we’ve instituted a fairly major shift in emphasis, to make sure we are attracting and catering for, the kinds of people who will actually do something with this program.

The people who understand that no one makes real money online until someone else spends it!

So that one cuts both ways…

You can’t expect to get rich signing people up to a free program…

Especially if you haven’t already invested yourself.

Because if you think you can make it work without spending anything, then anyone you bring in will think EXACTLY the same thing…

And if no one spends, no one earns!

No exceptions.

So with the recent update, we set out to address all of this.

First up, we re-wrote a lot of the sales pitch, to stress that work and effort IS required…

And we pretty much told anyone looking for a free-ride to look elsewhere.

Then we attacked our program list with a fresh eye…

We dropped a number of programs that people just weren’t using, plus a couple more that I actually liked personally, but they just never really took off here.

And finally we added in a couple of new ones to fill the gaps and fast-track your earning options.

The big one these as the All In One Profits program (AIOP).

We’ll talk about that in detail in another post, but for now, it is important to stress that it is paid and it is a recurring payment… and it’s even a little awkward to use at times… BUT it is the best option we’ve found for making your money back fast… so you can keep going and grow something very substantial.

(If you’re not familiar with it, checkout the next post and I’ll show you why it works so well!)

We also re-worked the whole signup and set up process, to make it a lot simpler.

That actually meant adding another step, but the trade-off is it’s not easier for people to follow and already we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of people completing the set up.

Finally we cleaned out a lot of inactive and spambot accounts from the system. There were quite a few of these, so some people might notice a drop in their downline numbers, but rest assured those those nubmers are now much more accurate.

We’ve also added some extra protections to the sign up process and we’re warning new members that they need to activate their accounts within 24 hours or they will be deleted. We’ll actually give them a little more leeway than that, but we’ll be doing our best to keep the fake/inactive accounts out from here on.

We’re still updating the downloadable instructions on all this… we wanted to wait until a few Members had been through the online instructions first. We’ve now had some useful feedback… and caught a couple of mistakes… so we’ll get that finished off and uploaded shortly.

So that’s about where we’re at right now. It was a major update and there were some fairly significant changes, but after 2 years that was probably overdue. Moving forward that should be the last time we need that sort of drastic action, and any future changes will be minor adjustments as we continue to monitor what’s working and what isn’t.

If you haven’t updated your account, please run through the program list ASAP, so your referrals can follow you into the new programs. Our traffic co-ops are really starting to produce now, so make sure you’re set up to benefit when we put people into your downline!

Of course this will only work for you at 100% if you promote it yourself… so if you’ve been a bit sidetracked or lost interest… I urge you to give it another chance! Send a few emails, do a bit of traffic surfing… I think you will be impressed at how well it’s converting now… and the results you’ll get from even a modest ongoing effort!


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