We took QoinPro out of the portfolio a few months back after it’s website went down and we couldn’t find any contact details. The site is back now and it looks like they’re ‘back in business’ with a new crypto wallet and the same daily disbursements of various alt coins.

For the newer members, this one operates as an automated crypto faucet, paying out a small quantity of free cryptos on a daily basis with no input required from you. The amounts are small, but it’s set and forget, so we recommend you set it up and save your user ID on the SrSly website.

I’ve reached out to QoinPro Admin clarify a couple of things to do with ‘activating’ the various faucets as some that were paying out previously are saying they now need to be activated. I’m still waiting on a reply to that, but for now we’re re-activating it in our Members Area so your SrSly downline can join you there again.

I’ll post an update when I hear back. So you can register/save your username back on our site, but hold off on paying any fees or purchases for now, until we test them out ourselves.

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