We announced this a few weeks back and immediately got bombarded with requests from people wanting their own AdBoards, so we got to work and now we’re ready to go. (Your Coupon is included so please keep reading!)

The Short Version…

We’ve set up a Digital Noticeboard where anyone can post a free Ad, with the option of purchasing one or more (cheap) add-on, to make the Ad stand out.

Everyone who posts an Ad has to send a small amount of traffic to ‘activate’ it… plus your Ad shows on your referrals pages 6 levels deep… so there’s a powerful viral effect built-in…

Meaning a small one-time effort when you post can generate a lot of ongoing exposure and clicks.

We’ve had a few testers working this for a couple of weeks now, and the results have been excellent… even better than we’d hoped for!

The boards themselves start to generate their own traffic quite quickly… and a good percentage of users are purchasing add-ons… so it’s a great little turnkey business that delivers sales, traffic, leads and more.

We set up our first AdBoard primarily to drive traffic to SrSly and while we got a bit sidetracked developing the platform, even with a very small initial push, the results from that single AdBoard have been impressive.

We’ll be giving it s proper push over the next week or so, plus we’ll be switching the SrSly ad over to Silver and Bronze Co-op URLs shortly, so you’ll all see the results for yourself very soon!

Right now though, we’re opening everything up for full use

1. Please Post a Free Ad!

At the very least you should check out the link below and create a few free ads for your money programs, traffic programs and viral programs.

The add-ons are entirely optional, but very affordable, plus I’ll make the commitment to reinvest the proceeds of any add-on purchases you do make into more traffic for the AdBboard and SrSly…

You can preview our SrSly board here: http://adcardz.com/srsly

We’ve only just started to promote this one properly, so there’s not a lot of ads yet but that should change very quickly. Make sure you bookmark the page and repost you ad… or a new one… every week or so!

2. Get Your Own AdBoards!

This is for anyone wanting a simple little online business up and running in the next hour. It’s incredibly easy to set-up and a number of our initial testers have reported same day profits!

The best result I’ve heard so far were from a friend who set up his first AdBoard after dinner, sent a few emails to some safelists and then went to bed.

He woke up to a handful of add-on sales the next morning and has had quite a few since then… just over 10% of his Advertisers are making one or more Add-on purchases!

(He’s now got about 6 niche AdBoards set up and more on the way!)

Right now we’re in pre-launch while we do some final testing and get some testimonials for the sales page.

So there’s a number of heavily discounted packages currently on offer that are one-time payments for lifetime access. We will be switching over to a subscription business model soon though, so I’d strongly recommend you look this over ASAP if you think there’s any chance you might be interested!

As soon as we complete the testing and get a few testimonials we will be switching over the monthly payments, so don’t put it off if you’re interested.

We’ve set up a special 30% off coupon for Srsly Members: EARLYBIRD

That can be used for any AdBoard package… a single payment for lifetime access… so put it to good use!


Please keep that coupon to yourself though!

UPDATE: Small hiccup with 2Checkout, but that’s all sorted and we’re ready to go now!

Remember, we’ll be switching this over to a monthly subscription as soon as we get a few more people through the system as testers, and get a few good testimonials we can use for the sales page… so check it out NOW if you think you might be interested!

If you prefer to use cryptos, you can use our CoinPayments page here.


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