It’s hard to believe that we’re fast coming up to our first birthday already. In the last 12 months we’ve put together a powerful program that’s allowed many of our 2000+ members to build an extensive income and start earning some very useful commissions.

We deliberately set out to create something people could launch with no cash up front, and that’s worked for a lot of people, but that option does take a sustained effort… something that most people prefer to avoid.

It’s become clear that those with a little bit of cash would rather invest that to speed things up. It’s also apparent that most of those without the cash to spare would rather keep exploring all the other ‘free and easy’ programs out there instead.

As a result, what we’ve seen is that only 20% of people joining SrSly complete the set up and start promoting the program.

Which obviously means, 80% of the people joining SrSly have done very little with the program.

That’s actually pretty good compared to a lot of programs I’ve tested… where the non-starters can be as high as 90-95%… but it does mean a lot of your efforts promoting are wasted. People who’ve been sold on the idea that there is some magic program out there somewhere that will give them money for nothing.

Choosing A More Responsive Audience

So prior to our last round of updates, we tested some new splash pages that put more emphasis on a small investment and a fair amount of work to build something substantial.

We then sent some test traffic from a variety of sources and tracked the sign-ups right through the SrSly set-up.

That approach did generate less sign-ups… which was no surprise… but those who did sign-up were much more likely to work the program AND more likely to spend a few dollars IMMEDIATELY on one or more of the recommended upgrades.

That’s clearly a win for anyone working the program and looking to get the best possible ‘return’ on their efforts and investment.

How This Will Impact Your Efforts

So moving forward, I’m personally committed to always offering a practical no-money-down route for anyone who needs it, to set this up and earn your upgrades.

However, we’re also going to offer this ‘alternate’ pitch for those who understand the need to make a real investment if they want faster results, and who’d rather promote to people who are on the same page… ie, to people who are ready to take action and make a real investment in their business.

So you will notice a slight tweaking of the message on some the info pages and some of the splash pages, and I’ll encourage you to test them all and see what works for you in your preferred traffic sources.

And however you choose to promote this business, you should be aware that we are going to encourage everyone to make the series of small upgrades as quickly as possible. So you want to make sure you do the same yourself, so you get the commissions as your own people progress through the system.

Bottom line… no one makes real money online until someone else spends it, so you need to be prepared to lead by example and invest in your own business.

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