We’ve just opened the doors on a new Viral AdBoard site and we’d really appreciate it if a heap of Members could take a minute to post and ad, test it out and help get the ball rolling!

For you… this is a free ad platform that could/should generate a LOT of quality traffic if it works as well as we’re hoping. Once posted you ad is visible until it rotates off the bottom, but since this is new and we don’t have the minimum number of ads yet, and that you post now should remain visible for a good period…

For our group… this should generate a lot of traffic for the various SrSly Ad Co-ops. We’ve created a few ads already with the appropriate URLs, and we’ve set those to recycle automatically, so if this takes off, it will send a load of ongoing hands-free traffic that will be shared among our active members.

As far as Ad content goes, you can try an Ad for SrSly if you want. If you make a unique Ad it could work fine, otherwise, you can post an Ad for any traffic site you use, one or more of the viral programs… or any other money program you like.

As I said, it’s brand new and untested, so don’t spend too long on it… but do give it a run, because it should be pretty impressive once it gets moving!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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