We’ve been testing a new set of splash pages over the last week and the results have been excellent… over 7% conversions with some traffic sources, and all of them averaging over 2-3%.

Please note: we’ve added an ‘Ad Bar’ (similar to TrafficAdBar) to the bottom of these pages that also promotes 4 our our portfolio programs individually.

We tested the pages with and without this and it actually improved the conversions to the main program slightly… while also generating a few direct signups on the individual programs.

Those have been selected because the can feed any leads back into your SrSly network, so this is a win-win… as long as you are registered for each of the 4 programs.

We’ve added the new pages to the Marketing Tools page, so if you’d like to test them out manually just login, grab a link and send a bit of traffic. I’m confident you will be impressed!

Of course if you’re using the Rotator link they’ll be included in your promos automatically. Likewise if you’re using the SuperSplash link, the best performer will be used instead.

(That one is currently averaging 6.67% conversions, though our tests were all using safelist mailers, so that will likely drop as it gets used more in a broader mix of campaigns/traffic sites).

Either way, we’ve ramped up our Co-op promos now to double the number of bonus referrals going out each day, so hopefully everyone who’s completed the steps to upgrade to Bronze or Silver will see the benefit of that in the next few days!

Just a reminder, the bonus referrals are randomly assigned, so we can’t say when any particular person will get some, but over the longer term it will even out!

The main thing is… please don’t wait for them before you do anything.

We can help you along a bit, but 95% of your results are always going to come from your own efforts!

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