If you’ve been in to check the recent program changes, you’ll have seen that one of our new additions is All In One Profits (AIOP).

The fact is, this one is a departure of sorts for us… it’s paid members only, it’s a recurring payment and it’s not crypto… but for all that, I believe it’s going to be an excellent addition to our program portfolio!

There are two sides to this one… the marketing tools package and the compensation plan. I figure most people will be more interested in the compensation plan for now, so I’ll start there today…

I’ve been testing this one out for a little while and actually joined up with a few different accounts to test out a few ‘team builds’ I’d been seeing advertised. To be honest they were all quite disappointing.

I think the basic premise of the team-build is a bit misleading really…

They all either promise to promote for you until you make money or sign up a certain number of people, or else they actually promise to actually put a minimum number of people into your downline for you.

Some charge you extra to join their team, but it still sounds good to someone who’s worried that they might not be able to refer new members and cover their own costs…

The problem is, there’s no timeframe on any of these team-builds

So you actually find yourself ‘stuck’ paying the monthly fee, not wanting to stop in case you miss out on a referral from the team-build.

Even worse… I joined one team where I had to send a minimum volume of traffic every week to ‘qualify’ for the possibility of a referral… miss your quota for a week and you go back the end of the line…

I was sending some high-quality traffic, but judging by the stats send out each week, most of the team were sending absolute junk traffic.

And again, there was no time frame… so I was stuck in FOMO mode, paying the AIOP subscription AND sending traffic… indefinitely… just in case my turn comes around

And while I did get some referrals from a couple of the team-builds, they were all pay-it-forward referrals, so once their ‘free’ month was over, almost without exception they let their accounts lapse.

So eventually I scrapped the team builds altogether and started sending the same traffic to my own page… and immediately got results better than all of the team builds put together.

Lesson learned!

If you tell people to join you in a program because you’re going to do everything for them, you can’t then expect them to do anything!

So while we’re including AIOP as part of the SrSly package, and we expect SrSly will be a very effective way to build your own AIOP team, this is a definitely NOT a team build!

We will be approaching it more as a co-operative…

Simply by promoting your SrSly business, you will generate leads and signups to your AIOP team.

Plus we will be sharing our own marketing tools, opt-in pages and autoresponder emails etc… so you can duplicate those for your own leads.

Basically it will work like this…

We’re expecting most people who follow you into SrSly will check out AIOP while they’re setting up their account.

So we’re going to set up a customised email campaign you can ‘import’ into your own AIOP account, that is written specifically for your SrSly referrals!

So even if they don’t upgrade immediately, you’ll be using the built-in AIOP autoresponder to follow up with them until they do.

This will help your SrSly business grow as well, as we’ll be doing some low-key pushing of the SrSly system as well!

Don’t panic if that doesn’t make a lot of sense… we’ll be using the tools you get in your AIOP package and creating content you can easily import… plug and play simple…  so we’ll put together some step-by-step instructions shortly.

For now, if you haven’t looked over the AIOP program, I’d urge you to do it now!

Make sure you do it from your SrSly dashboard to support your sponsor, and if you’re actively promoting your SrSly account, seriously consider activating your AIOP account before you send your next promo!

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