A Crypto Airdrop is a process where a coin/token is distributed to the community for free or for small tasks. This is done to ensure early distribution and to have as many people with “skin in the game” as possible. This is compared to an ICO, where users have to invest and buy tokens

Realistically, a lot of the offers we promote are hybrids… they airdrop tokens to promote their ICO.

There are a lot of airdrops going on right now though, too many to add them all to our program… so we’ll keep looking for any standouts to add, but otherwise we’ll just list them here as we find them, with brief instructions for how to take part in each one.

Usually it wil lbe quite simple… you’ll need to register an account with the primary company, join their social group, (usually Telegram), and provide an Ethereum based wallet adddress for your coins. By the time you do a couple you’ll be an expert!

You can download Telegram here. I recommend you install the Desktop App so you can join the various groups directly from your web browser or email account. I think you’ll need to install it on your phone as well, but I could be wrong….

You can create a free Ethereum Wallet address here. This will create a simple/free account on Coinbase which is fine for receiving Airdrops.

You should create a MyEtherWallet wallet at some stage though, and move large amounts to that. It’s a little more complicated to set up, but a lot more secure. The link above is a free, secure Ethereum Wallet… check for the instructions on that page is you are new to this.

Crypto Giveaway – The Q Initiative

I’ve got a limited number of ‘invites’ for anyone interested in getting on board with this new crypto project… and claiming about 17,000 of the tokens. I haven’t been through it thoroughly just yet due…

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New High-Value Airdrop – Shivom Tokens

Here’s a new Airdrop for anyone interested… an interesting use of Blockchain technology and DNA for medical research. It’s also one of the highest paying airdrops I’ve seen… but it is filling rapidly so you…

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Two new Airdrops to claim…

Here’s a couple of airdrops (crypto giveaways) for two ICOs that a coming up fast and look like they could be quite successful. The process is much the same for all of these… jsut click…

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Action Coin Update

If you registered for the Action Cryptos, you should have received an email this week with instructions for converting your Action Points to Action Tokens. They are currently having a few technical issues, so you…

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Claim 25 Affiliate Coin + Bonuses

AffiliateCoin is a great example of a project applying the Blockchain technology to solve real-world issues in an existing industry. Affiliate Marketing is a well established industry, but even after all this time, there are…

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HAVVEN Stablecoin Airdrop

This is a new payment platform using a unique collateral currency approach to constantly increase price/value stability, in theory making it a more viable payment option than most currently available cryptos. Time will tell whether…

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CEEK Exclusive Airdrop

CEEK is an interesting project built around an existing product (always a good start!) … a VR Goggles… and are in contact with some of the most popular American artists in this field. This project…

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Nexo Airdrop

Nexo is powered by Credissimo – A Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years and plans to provide The World’s First Instant Crypto Overdrafts. Their airdrop is now open……

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