I’ve had a few emails lately from Members saying that they’ve referred a few people but they aren’t making money yet, and wondering if they’ve missed something… so it’s worth a minute to look at how and why you make money online… in ANY program.

The short version is, you only usually make money online when someone else spends it!

They either buy something off you and you make a profit, or they buy something off someone else and you make a commission.

ie. You have to generate some sort of transactional cashflow through the program to generate a profit. No downline purchase = not cashflow = no profit.

That goes for any program

So whenever you see a ‘free’ program that promises you some sort of valuable return with no purchase, no referring, no sales etc… you can be sure of one of two things…

  • there’s either a catch and eventually you’ll be asked to spend some money
  • or else it’s an advertising site and ‘you’ are basically the product.

And that goes for us here as well…

You either have some money to spend to get things started, or else you trade your time… looking at advertising, generating traffic, promoting other programs etc… to earn that initial stake.

Ideally if everyone had a few dollars to get started, we’d all spend $5-10 to get things rolling and keep on reinvesting to scale things up from there.

Realistically though, a lot of people don’t have it… or have been stung before and don’t want to spend it until they know the program works… which is why we use the various free options to generate a small amount of income that you can then apply to your initial upgrades.

To turn that into a profit though, you then need to show/encourage your referrals to do the same thing… and when they do, you make a small commission on that.

Then when your referrals follow your example and their people make some money and take their first upgrades, the process repeats itself… gradually spiraling up, generating higher returns for everyone on every repeating cycle.

And every now and then, you’ll find someone entering your organisation with a few dollars ready to invest… and things will take a leap forward instead. And when that happens a few levels down from you, you can see a flow on effect working it’s way back up to you and beyond…

So you should be able to see a few ‘rules’ in all this if you want to make money here…

1. Do The Work. Get fully set up and ready to go, then start promoting. Be aware that many of your referrals won’t do anything, so count your Silver Members not your raw sign-ups!

2. Build Connections. Communicate with your downline people. Share your experiences, encourage and assist them to get to where you are and do what you’re doing.

3. Lead By Example. Don’t expect anyone who joins after you to invest in this before you. So be honest with your referrals and share each small step you take… and the results that follow… so they know you’re authentic and genuine.

Always remember there’s a lot of unscrupulous people out there promoting a lot of crap offers… all making wild promises and questionable claims. And it’s clear our most Active Members are sick of it.

In that sort of environment, you will find plenty of people who’ll respond positively to a quieter and more reasonable voice offering to help them build something substantial and lasting.

Be that voice and you will build a network of people who know and trust you, and will want to work with you on other projects… SrSly is just a starting point.

So take a long-term view and stick at it. Persistence and authenticity will pay off.

3 thoughts on “Making SrSly Profitable

  1. Thanks for the posting it was right on the spot for most of us.
    My upline in Online Sales Pro is always teasing me for not being focused and constantly changing programs.

    One reason I see from my own point plus what you say in the posting is my frustration. The frustrating me using the same traffic, the same splashpages and sources. And no result!

    I can’t point out what’s wrong. Mindset? Yes very important. Yes if you, as you mention in the post, have been burned several times you may tend to achieve a very negative mindset.

    Another reason for me could be that I promote from a different timezone with targeting people from regions with little or almost none budget or even no reliable internet connection.

    I found SrSly a good source to learn more about creating traffic and constantly reminding me and the members to stay focused and keep you on the track. I hope this will create traffic to my Online Sales Pro in the future and keep my upline there happy.

  2. I’m 2 weeks into this, just about completed setting “all” this up, still trying to solve an issue with Coinpressions and Coinpressions2. But I am of the same mindset to do the work needed in the beginning and reinvest the returns to achieve even more. It going to take persistence and consistency until things take awhole, thanks for insight.

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