I really believe this one could be a game-changer for a lot of our Members. It adds some very useful functions to your portfolio, plus it gives you the ability to earn some more substantial commissions from your early promos.

One of the big challenges when you promote any program, is keeping your referrals focused until they reach a point where things start to happen.

The more time they spend advertising one program, the more they’ll be exposed to other options.

And many of those options are going to look pretty good!

So a while back we offered up the Lockbox strategy using Intellibanners, where by you add any of those ‘too good to ignore‘ programs to a separate banner campaign, so you can let it test in the background and get on with other things.

ie. So you don’t risk missing out, but you don’t get sidetracked either!

That’s been incredibly popular with a lot of our members, and this new program will let you take that strategy to the next level.

KISS lets you add up to 10 programs to a single page. You then send traffic to that page, effectively promoting each of those programs, plus the KISS program as well.

We tested a few approaches to this and our best results came from sending traffic to our own landing page that explained the strategy and pre-sold the KISS site.

We’ve made that page available in your Members Area, Splash Page #60, and we’ve added an email swipe to the promo tools section as well.

Basically the email talks about not ‘missing out‘ but not getting sidetracked either… and the splash page lays out out a simple but effective strategy using the KISS website.

There’s a couple of links embedded to SrSly as well, so you have a few options to convert your traffic…

  • They can join KISS and possibly join one or more of your recommended programs, including Srsly.
  • They can click off to one or more of your recommended programs…
  • Or they can go straight to SrSly and join you there…
  • And if they join KISS, you’ll get the instant commission, regardless of whether or not they join SrSly, so that’s cash you can use immediately for other upgrades or paid advertising.

Ideally we recommend you put SrSly at the top of the page, then maybe 2-3 of our money programs and a couple of your preferred traffic programs.

You can then use the remaining positions to test any new programs that catch your attention.

Then you just send a portion of your traffic to Splash #60 and monitor your results.

You can preview that here: SrSly / KISS Landing Page

And you can see my KISS landing page here: KISS Program Page

This one is working VERY well for us, so I hope you’ll put it to good use. If you haven’t set this up yet, you should do that ASAP and remember to save your UserName to SrSly before you start promoting!

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