This is a list of the best offers we’ve found for free cryptos, tokens and bounties.

These are provided as-is… offers we’ve found on the web that we’ve grabbed on the off-chance that some of them might grow into something useful.

And we’re posting them here so you can do the same…

A few might make you a few dollars… one day… and if we’re lucky, one or two might really take off. Realistically though, most will probably come to nothing, so don’t spend too long on them just yet.

This is especially important with the Bounties… they will issue tokens based on your activity, but there’s a real chance the tokens will never be worth much, so do the basics to get your allocation, but do your sums before you do the more time-intensive tasks…

Whatever you do, don’t let this distract you from your core business… ie. just grab the freebies, bookmark the websites and forget about it until something happens!

And if you come across any other good offers, please let us know and we’ll add a link here…

Top Rated Crypto Offers:

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All Recent Crypto Giveaways and Token Bounties

ACTION REQUIRED – Please update your account!

The replacement program for Crypto Giveaways is now Live, so please update your account to ensure you get paid for your existing referrals. This is your ONLY chance to get in first so your downline follow you into the new portfolio programs.

As mentioned last time, we decided to wind up the Crypto Giveaways program as it was getting too hard to maintain and it turns out, too hard for the majority of Members to use. The program list was changing more and more often as their ICOs came and went, and it was clear most Members weren’t making any attempt to keep up with the changes.

Hopefully you all grabbed some free tokens from the various offers though?

Those are independent from our program, so keep an eye on the respective updates and you never know… one or more might be worth something useful one day.

I will write a detailed wrap up of where each one is at shortly.

Same Website, New Downline Builder Program

We didn’t want your efforts in this one to be wasted, so we decided to maintain the membership database and ‘install’ a new program in it’s place. There was another project I’d been testing for a while and was almost ready to go, so we finished that off over the last couple of weeks and set it up using the giveaways website/software.

The doors are now reopened, and your account details and existing downline remain intact.

There is a different set of programs though, so you will need to register for each and save your username, so your existing downline people can follow you into them.

There’s just 6 programs this time and you can register for 5 of them for free. The sixth will cost you $6 but will return a $1 instantly from any of your existing downline who follow you in.

Chances are you are already signed up for a couple of these. (Our Crypto eBiz Members should be signed up for 4 of them already!) So you should check out the home page and then login and save those usernames ASAP and sign up for the remainder.

This new program has been testing extremely well and the feedback from our testers has been very positive.

It’s early days still, but I think we’re onto a winner… it’s very simple to set up, you can start with no money down, or you can speed it up considerably with a couple of small investments.

And it’s converting really well.

I won’t go into a long explanation here… please visit the Home Page and look over all the info there, then login and set up your Usernames. Your login details won’t have changed.

One Dollar Dynasty

We’ve added a few email swipes if you want to send this to your list, and we’ll get some banners up this week. I’ve left the old banners there for now, so any campaigns you have set up will continue to work… we’ll swap those out for the new ones when they’re ready.

It is new and we still have a few updates to finish off in the Members Area, but if you see anything you think we’ve overlooked, please do let me know!

The only other thing is, if you have an existing downline in this, you will need to act fast!

We’re going to trickle-feed this email to everyone over the next few days. So you’ll have a small headstart on your referrals, but as soon as you read this, please don’t delay… login and register with the new programs and save your usernames, so your people follow you in.

Crypto Currencies & Crypto eBiz Members

There is one ‘crypto’ program included in the portfolio, but it is very simple and everything happens in normal ‘dollars’.  So anyone who was in this purely for the Crypto element should focus their efforts of the Srslt Crypto eBiz package.

Members of the eBiz program can continue to promote that package to grow their downlines in both programs. You won’t need to make any changes on the SrSly site… your username is the same and we’ll update the info there shortly.

OK, that’s about it for now. Please do this now! Like I said there are only six programs in total and you are probably signed up for a couple of them already.

It won’t take long and if you had ANY sort of downline in the old program, you could make a few dollars over the next couple of days as those people follow you into the new programs!

One Dollar Dynasty


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Free Crypto Giveaways to Close

We’ve reluctantly decided to close down the ‘Giveways’ program over the next week or so and focus our all efforts on the Srsly Crypto eBiz package instead.

Unfortunately the work involved in keeping it the Free List up to date was getting too much, and when we did make update ,the follow through from the Members was generally pretty poor anyway. That is quite understandable… no one likes having to constantly go back and update these things and the very nature of this meant that there’d be a constant turnover as earlier additions reached their ICO stage and new giveaways were added.

I will try to maintain the original/simple list on the blog, where I’ll add any new ICOs or airdrops that catch my attention, so anyone interested can subscribe there and get a heads up of any offers that look particularly promising.

Hopefully everyone who’s been involved in this one will have put together a substantial portfolio of tokens and altcoins by now, and as their respective ICOs progress, I hope some of them will show a useful return. Right now a number of the smaller allocations have done that, but the bigger giveaways are still to come, so here’s hoping.

Thanks for your support on this, and I do apologise for not seeing it through, but I hope you understand our decision.

We will be replacing this shortly with a new program that will be easier to use and easier for us to maintain…  and still allow you to take part in numerous ICOs and earn some handing commissions along the way. Stay tuned!

(SrSly Crypto Ebiz members should keep an eye out for the announcement on that!)

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Free Cryptos Update & New Airdrop

Afraid we’ve been very quiet on this program lately as we’ve mostly been focused on the SrSly Crypto eBiz package, but we’re about to start a fairly major update. A number of the programs in the package have now completed their ICOs and need to be removed, so we need to update that info and we’ll need to find some replacements.

There’s a growing list of potential ICOs now though, so it’s taking longer than ever to sift through them all looking for those that offer real potential… ie we look for businesses with a strong underlying business model, where the related crypto currency is likely to add real value for users and generate sufficient uptake to make it worthwhile claiming some.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of rubbish offers out there though, so we’d rather take out time and get it right, than have to walk back our recommendations later on any questionable offers.

So short version… stay tuned! We’ll be rolling out a few updates over coming weeks, and that will include several new giveaways, so watch for our email, and make sure you act promptly, so your existing downline can follow you into the new programs.

In the meantime, here’s one airdrop that caught my eye recently, AI Zeuss. It’s a project with a lot of applications and huge potential, but a bit too complicated to explain in any detail here. Be sure to look over the website once you’re signed up to get a feel for the offer.

Given the potential it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to join the airdrop and claim your 1000 tokens. The clock is ticking on this one though with limited allocations available, so it won’t make our updates but thought I’d share it all the same!

Join The AI Zeuss Airdrop

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Free Cryptos Program Emails

We’re also having an issue with the activation emails from the Free Cryptos program. It looks like they stopped getting sent a couple of weeks back but We weren’t able ot track down the issue and we’re not getting a lot of help from the script provider.

I’ve got a few calls for help out on a few coding forums, so hopefully one of them will shed some light on the problem for us if the developer doesn’t respond.

In the meantime I’m manually activating all new accounts, so if anyone here set this up recently and is still waiting on the activation email, you should be able to login now and get started.

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SrSly Crypto Giveaways – Important Updates

We are currently working through all the giveaways and bounty programs to check the current status of each and what ‘next steps’ will be required as the bounty programs conclude and some of the ICOs get close.

That will be quite detailed, so we’ll post it as a step-by-step guide on the blog shortly and let you know.

In the meantime, we have just added a very promising new giveaway to the portfolio…

XRPZero is giving away 25,000 coins for registering, plus there’s an equally generous referral bonus as well.

They are predicting a list price of $0.03 after their ICO in January 2019 so it’s definitely worth grabbing this allocation… just in case!

We are sending this email out slowly, so you’ll have a little time to get in ahead of your existing referrals, but you’ll need to act immediately!

Please login to the members area ASAP and look for the new program in the Crypto Giveaways section.

Then just register a new account on XRPZero and remember to save your referral ID so you get paid as your SrSly referrals follow you into the program!

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Working With Cryptos

It’s been great to hear from people who are making some useful crypto commissions lately, but it’s also clear that some people are a bit unsure ‘what to do with them’. I’ll get an info page together in the Members area later this week, but for now here’s a couple of common queries…

A couple of recurring issues so far include unidentified bitcoin payments and dealing with the ICOs and allocations from the free cryptos program.

The unidentified payments I’ve heard about are all very similar amounts so it looks like they probably come from the same source. I’m guessing there was supposed to be an email notification of the payment sent out but that went astray.

I’ve had a few of them as well now, so it’s a mystery but as far as ‘problems’ go, it’s a good one!

My only advice is to put them to work. Therte’s a few programs that accept payment by cryptos for upgrades, so consider reinvesting in Coinpressions, Coinpressions2 or Infinity Traffic Boost… or any of the 3rd party traffic programs. (Coinpressions2 would probably be my pick for a fast return!)

With regards the various ICOs and allocations from the Free Cryptos program… best advice there is to simply follow the prompts as you get them and keep plenty of notes on what you hold in the various currencies/tokens.

Any legit ICO will eventually ask you to complete a KYC process … Know Your Customer… to verify your ID, and eventually you’ll need to provide a wallet address for withdrawals as well.

The KYC ID steps usually involve sending a copy of your ID plus a selfie-photo of you holding that ID. You’ll need this for most ICOs, so it’s worth doing in advance so you have it really to go.

Beyond that I’ll put together simple step-by-step in the Members Area for anyone who needs some help setting up Crypto wallets for payments and withdrawals.

On a related note… the Free Cryptos program itself is due for an update, so we’ll be checking the progress of each of the ICOs and bounty programs over the next month, and adding a couple more, so watch out for the announcement when that’s done…

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PEBEX for Diversified ICO Investments

PEBEX is a new crypto currency coin at the core of the UCI global community of investors that we’ve decided to add to the Free Cryptos Portfolio.

  • The quick explanation is: coinholders are the equivalent of shareholders, UCI invest in various crypto/tech projects, and they distribute part of their profits back to coinholders as dividends.
  • They also conduct ICO for other companies, so you also get a share of the profits from those… PLUS you get access to their research and analysis and can choose to invest directly in any of those yourself.
  • And best of all, you can build a referral network… 5 levels deep… and you’ll be paid a commission on any PEBEX purchases of your network, plus a commission any ICO investments they might make.

Their ICO is scheduled for June this year and there’s a number of reasons we like it and have decided to add it to our portfolio…

  • Basically holding PEBEX coin will be like holding shares in UCI.
  • UCI already invests in various crypto related ventures and has a proven track record for picking winners. They also conduct ICOs for other crypto companies where they’ve also been quite successful.
  • As a coin-holder, you’ll earn the equivalent of dividends from those investments. You’ll also have access to their research and analysis if you wish to invest yourself.
  • And as you’d expect they also have generous referral and bounty programs.

PEBEX Referral Program

The bounty payments are based on any coins you might choose to purchase, while the referral program will reward you on any purchases made by anyone in your network, down to five levels deep.

That 5-level referral program is incredibly powerful, so even if you don’t have funds available to purchase PEBEX yourself, you should still register and save your link here.

Even a few direct referrals can kick this off and create significant downline, and you never know how much those people might decide to invest.

If you haven’t already done so, you should login to your Free Cryptos Account, register on the PEBEX site and save your referral ID here so your existing downline can follow you into this program as well.

Your Referral URL:

Once you set up your PEBEX account, you can login and go to Promotion Tools => Referral Link. Your referral URL will look something like this…

You will need to copy everything after  the ref/ into the form here.

So in the example above, you’d copy and paste 163/213/C/add/new-ref

Make sure you start with the first number and copy everything up until the end of the link. Once you save that here, you can just focus on promoting your Free Cryptos referral link and we’ll do the rest!

At some stage I would encourage you to have a look over the main website and your affiliates dashboard, as there’s a fair bit of interesting info on both.

I’ve got to say, at this stage, this is looking like it could be an excellent way for small investors like us to get a stake in a lot of different crypto ventures… I know I’ll be looking into it a bit more before the ICO rolls around!

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Web Browser Mining

You might have seen some ads around for this already, but if not, there’s a new web-browser add-on (Chrome and Firefox) that will do some mining operations in your browser while you’re doing other things.

I decided to give it a test run last week to see what sort of return it might generate, but I closed it on the first day and totally forgot to restart it.  So I haven’t got much data yet, but from the time it was running (at ‘medium power) it looks like it could be good for a couple of dollars a week in BTC.

I’m heading out later on today, so I’ll give it a run at ‘full power’ and see what that can do. Either way, it’s definitely not going to be a big earner, but it could add up over time and give you a small BTC bank you can use in some of our other programs.

There is a referral program built-in that can ramp up your earnings power on top of that, so if there’s interest… comments below please! … we’ll look at adding it to the Members Area so you can pick up a few referrals via SrSly.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can add it to your preferred browser here.

I’ll post an update once I’ve got a bit more info available…

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New High-Value Airdrop – Shivom Tokens

Here’s a new Airdrop for anyone interested… an interesting use of Blockchain technology and DNA for medical research. It’s also one of the highest paying airdrops I’ve seen… but it is filling rapidly so you will need to act fast.

Complete the steps on the registration form below… you’ll need Twitter, Telegram and Reddit, plus a non-exchange ETH wallet… and you’ll be allocated $12 worth of tokens for the ICO early June. You’ll also get another $4 for any referrals, so be sure to share your link on your social media accounts!

Claim Your Shivom Tokens Here

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SaveDroid ICO & Bounty Program

SaveDroid is using blockchain and AI technology to create a savings and investment platform for various major cryptos. Their plan is to make savings and investing ‘automatic’ and thus more effective… while using direct blockchain technology to reduce costs and remove barriers.

They appear to have significant non-crypto, non-ICO funding, and are starting the ICO process as a well established business. That ticks a few boxes for me so I’ll do a bit more digging before the ICO ends and might make a small purchase.

For now you can claim 100 SVD tokens by joining their Telegram group and quite a few more for a few of the usual social shares.

Claim your Free SVD Tokens Here

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SrSly Simple Crypto eBiz

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Claim 25 Affiliate Coin + Bonuses

AffiliateCoin is a great example of a project applying the Blockchain technology to solve real-world issues in an existing industry. Affiliate Marketing is a well established industry, but even after all this time, there are still some fundamental flaws, including mistrust, delayed payments and limited Pay Per Action capability.

By removing the middleman and applying smart-contract technology AffiliateCoin is creating an environment in which trust is no longer relied upon. Merchants will rest in the knowledge that they only pay for the completion of clearly defined end user tasks, and Publishers will rest knowing their efforts never go unrewarded.

Register below to claim your 25 coins, then share your link to earn an additional 50 coin per verified referral…

Claim Your 25 Affiliate Coin Here

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HAVVEN Stablecoin Airdrop

This is a new payment platform using a unique collateral currency approach to constantly increase price/value stability, in theory making it a more viable payment option than most currently available cryptos. Time will tell whether that works or not, but for now you can claim a share of the Airdrop by completing two simple tasks…


Just follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram group, and you can claim a share of the Airdrop. Share your link on your social media to increase that up to 20 times.

Register For Havven Airdrop

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CEEK Exclusive Airdrop

CEEK is an interesting project built around an existing product (always a good start!) … a VR Goggles… and are in contact with some of the most popular American artists in this field. This project has good prospects as do the tokens, so register and grab your freebies below.

Just go to the page below and complete all required fields in the form. you’ll need to complete a few tasks…

  1. Join the CEEK Telegram group
  2. Follow CEEK on Twitter
  3. Retweet a nominated post.
  4. Follow Airdrop Alerts on Twitter
  5.  Add an Eth Wallet Address (Get a MyEtherWallet Address here).

There’s links and instructions for each step included on the page, so just start at the top and work your way through. There’s a total of 225,000 tokens available for a maximum of 50,000 participants, plus additional rewards for sharing your link…

Get Your CEEK Tokens Here

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Nexo Airdrop

Nexo is powered by Credissimo – A Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years and plans to provide The World’s First Instant Crypto Overdrafts.

Their airdrop is now open… just complete a short survey, provide your Telegram username and an Ethereum Wallet address and you’re done. You can also win prizes and additional tokens by sharing your referral link, so be sure to post a note on your social media accounts (or contact your Srsly downline direct!) .

Claim Nexo Airdrop Tokens Here

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Referral Frenzy Update & Stats

Not sure if you checked out our Referral Frenzy traffic strategy, but I’ve now used up the mailing credits in most of the linked programs and I’ve been looking through some of the stats…

All up I sent about 300,000 emails through this system to promote both our Crypto websites.

That generated just over 8000 visitors to those two sites…

We got 112 sign ups on the Crypto Giveaways site, and 77 on the Crypto eBiz site.

That was all achieved from 2 x 15 minute logins each week to Referral Frenzy…

12 visits… a total of 3 hours work after the initial setup.

Those stats don’t include the ongoing traffic we’re getting from all the banners, text ads, html ads and login ads I set up as well… those are tracking to the respective websites so it’s hard ot put exact numbers on them, but anecdotally I’m seeing a fair volume of visitors and I expect they’ll really add up over time.

So all in all, it was a very productive weekend setting this up and even though the mailouts are almost done, it will continue to deliver for a long time to come.

The only real drawback was that you can’t track the response from specific sites unless you email them individually… which defeats the purpose a bit. I’ve contacted the ReferralFrenzy admin and suggested they look at that for an update, so we’ll see what happens!

It’s also worth noting, those stats don’t include those sites where you have to read 5-10 emails each session before you can post. I’ve just getting started on those now… another 60,000 credits there to use up…  and I’m confident they’ll convert even better.

It’s no surprise really… the easier it is for you to send emails, the lower your conversions…

Because if you don’t have to read before you send, neither does anyone else…

Where as any time you have to read some emails before you can mail, you know the other members have to read yours as well…

So more eyes on your mails means you have to get more visitors and more signups!

That’s one for another day though…

Right now, if you haven’t looked this one over, you can read the original post here, and then login to the Crypto Giveaways site to run through the full Referral Frenzy traffic strategy.

As I said at the start, this won’t be for everyone because it is a lot of work to set it up… but if you have a weekend free sometime, you will get an excellent return for your efforts!





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Digitex Token Sale Opens Today!

Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token.

Traders speculate on the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar, but their trading profits and losses are paid out in DGTX tokens. This means that traders need DGTX tokens to enter a trade, and this creates demand for DGTX tokens from traders.

Digitex covers the cost of running the exchange by creating a small number of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees on trades. Commission-free futures markets on a stable, fast and secure trading platform will attract large numbers of traders who must buy DGTX tokens to participate, creating increased demand for DGTX tokens that offsets the small inflationary cost of creating new tokens.

This is another ICO that ticks a few of my boxes… solid business plan to tap into an existing market, strong pre-ICO support and very low entry point… 0.01 per token… means I’ll be taking a small stake in the ICO.

There is an affiliate program, so consider grabbing a referral link and sharing it on your social media accounts…

Check Out The Digitex Token Sale

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Titanium Blockchain

No freebies on this one unless you refer ICO investors, but the business model is pretty interesting to say the least, so worth a look if you’re in the market…

What if an entire IT enterprise could be virtualized, including data centers, firewalls, load-balancers, routers, switches, network appliances and servers?  Imagine being able to set up an enterprise level infrastructure for a global company from a tablet in your living room, without spending any time installing rack servers, routers, load balancers, or any other network component beyond what is needed to access the network.

With TBIS’ proprietary Company as a Service™ (CaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), every device, from enterprise level on down, can be virtualized; routers, firewalls, and specialized equipment such as cryptocurrency miners, can exist in an entirely cloud-based environment based on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

Check Out The Titanium Blockchain BAR Sale & CO


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Hedge Connect ICO : 5 Tokens Free

World’s First Lending Platform for Decentralized Hedge Funds

HedgeConnect is the world’s first lending platform and ICO hedge offering secured returns leveraging innovations in diversified funds. Earn handsomely on your investments in hedge funds that are intelligently pooled for fund diversification for maximum gains to you.

At HedgeConnect, we have decentralized and democratized lending in its truest sense. The self-managed funds allow you to operate your funds the way you want, without the involvement of agents. Invest in all top ICOs and lending platforms with a single coin, and experience the all-encompassing convenience of HedgConnect.

The ICO is scheduled for 20th January. You can earn 5 Tokens just for registering below, plus you can get a bonus of 30 tokens for every 0.02 Btc you invest in the ICO.

Claim Your 5 Free Hedge Connect Tokens


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