Afraid we’ve been very quiet on this program lately as we’ve mostly been focused on the SrSly Crypto eBiz package, but we’re about to start a fairly major update. A number of the programs in the package have now completed their ICOs and need to be removed, so we need to update that info and we’ll need to find some replacements.

There’s a growing list of potential ICOs now though, so it’s taking longer than ever to sift through them all looking for those that offer real potential… ie we look for businesses with a strong underlying business model, where the related crypto currency is likely to add real value for users and generate sufficient uptake to make it worthwhile claiming some.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of rubbish offers out there though, so we’d rather take out time and get it right, than have to walk back our recommendations later on any questionable offers.

So short version… stay tuned! We’ll be rolling out a few updates over coming weeks, and that will include several new giveaways, so watch for our email, and make sure you act promptly, so your existing downline can follow you into the new programs.

In the meantime, here’s one airdrop that caught my eye recently, AI Zeuss. It’s a project with a lot of applications and huge potential, but a bit too complicated to explain in any detail here. Be sure to look over the website once you’re signed up to get a feel for the offer.

Given the potential it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to join the airdrop and claim your 1000 tokens. The clock is ticking on this one though with limited allocations available, so it won’t make our updates but thought I’d share it all the same!

Join The AI Zeuss Airdrop

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