We’ve reluctantly decided to close down the ‘Giveways’ program over the next week or so and focus our all efforts on the Srsly Crypto eBiz package instead.

Unfortunately the work involved in keeping it the Free List up to date was getting too much, and when we did make update ,the follow through from the Members was generally pretty poor anyway. That is quite understandable… no one likes having to constantly go back and update these things and the very nature of this meant that there’d be a constant turnover as earlier additions reached their ICO stage and new giveaways were added.

I will try to maintain the original/simple list on the blog, where I’ll add any new ICOs or airdrops that catch my attention, so anyone interested can subscribe there and get a heads up of any offers that look particularly promising.

Hopefully everyone who’s been involved in this one will have put together a substantial portfolio of tokens and altcoins by now, and as their respective ICOs progress, I hope some of them will show a useful return. Right now a number of the smaller allocations have done that, but the bigger giveaways are still to come, so here’s hoping.

Thanks for your support on this, and I do apologise for not seeing it through, but I hope you understand our decision.

We will be replacing this shortly with a new program that will be easier to use and easier for us to maintain…  and still allow you to take part in numerous ICOs and earn some handing commissions along the way. Stay tuned!

(SrSly Crypto Ebiz members should keep an eye out for the announcement on that!)

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