We’ve added this one to the portfolio just recently and I’m really liking everything we’ve seen so far.

We’ve had some mixed results with some of the Crypto miners and matrices in the past, so we’ve deliberately gone more ‘conservative‘ here, and picked one that promises more modest returns over a longer time frame, to hopefully avoid any more disappointments.

If you haven’t looked it over yet, Eyeline Trading offers a mix of crypto arbitrage trading and referral commissions. We’ve had confirmed payouts on the latter, but the trading contracts take a full year to mature.

What that means is, the contracts we’ve purchased are showing a paper profit, but they only pay out after 365 days. So it’s looking very good so far, but we won’t know for sure until the year is up!

So if you want to invest, you should only spend money you can afford to lose if it doesn’t come through. The trading contracts are about $40 each, so it’s not a huge risk, but you need to assess that for yourself.

The returns are expected to be about 0.66% per day, so it’s less than a lot of the high profile crypto miners, but we’re happy to take the lower payout if it means a safer investment.

The good news is, you can earn as an affiliate without making any purchase, so you can (and should!) register ASAP, save your Username to SrSly.

After that you can CONSIDER rolling any referral commissions into a couple of trading contracts.

There’s also a built-in matrix plan but that only pays out for people who’ve purchased a trading contract.

So if you’re promoting SrSly, and/or have an existing network, this is a way to recoup your initial invest in the short term. That way, when the contract matures in one year’s time, ideally you’ll already have earn back your initial investment several times over.

There is a grace period built-in… so you can get started promoting and earning first, before you have to pay anything… but you’ll get a warning that your matrix will be flushed after that time. That won’t affect your referrals and associated commissions, but if you’ve got a bit of network, it is an added incentive to grab that contract ASAP.

If you don’t want to do that right now, that’s fine… you’ll simple be assigned a new position a little further down when you do make the commitment.

Now I realise that’s probably going to seem a bit complicated for a lot of people, but this is one of the less complicated crypto programs we’ve looked at lately!

So to keep it super-simple, here’s the plan…

  1. Register and save your Username to SrSly immediately. There is no cost whatsoever, so do that straight away.
  2. Purchase a single trading contact as soon as you can. Then forget about it for 2-3 months and focus on promoting SrSly.
  3. After that time, call back and check your results. You should be showing some consistent earnings on your trading contract, plus a solid start on your matrix downline and hopefully some useful commissions from your referrals as well.
  4. At that stage you can choose to withdraw some cash to recoup your investment, or you can roll it into another trading contract.

From there on you just repeat the process every couple of months… check in and see if there’s enough there to either roll it over or take some cash out.

The main thing to remember is, your SrSly network will grow this for you, so you don’t need to over-think it! Register, watch it grow, and whenever you’re ready, CONSIDER a small investment to test the waters and ramp things up!

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