I’ve got a limited number of ‘invites’ for anyone interested in getting on board with this new crypto project… and claiming about 17,000 of the tokens.

I haven’t been through it thoroughly just yet due to the AdCards launch, so if you’re interested, have a look around the site and register if the invite link below still works. Each person only gets to invite 5 people, after that the link no longer works, so it’s first in first served sorry.


What I will suggest is…

If you do get in, come back here and post your own link in the comment section for any other members looking for a invite.

Then everyone can just start at the top and tries the various links until they find one still active!

Not a big fan of this approach they’re using, but the project is generating a bit of buzz and looks like it has at least as much potential as any of the others we’ve looked at, so it could be worth jumping through a hoop or two to get involved early!

I’ll post a bit more info later when I’ve had a proper read of the info…




2 thoughts on “Crypto Giveaway – The Q Initiative

  1. If you join up and have spare invites, please post your link here…

  2. Hi, Here is a great opportunity.
    They provide with a free trail for 7 days to check there platform out, and when you buy in you keep the trail earnings. they got a minimum round about 20$ to start and when join the telegram group chat you can earn extra and get 20% off on your next purchases. The support is great and very fast.

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