Just a couple of general updates for you…

Keep It Simple Simon

The KISS program has been very well received and a number of people have sent feedback confirming fast payouts after upgrading. If you haven’t checked that one out yet, make sure you check the Programs Manager page in the Members Area (under Tools and Resources) and do that ASAP.

This is especially important if you have any sort of SrSly downline… register your own KISS account and then follow up with your people to make sure they’re taking advantage of it as well!

Promoting Non-SrSly Programs

Remember this also gives you the option to promote up to 10 programs of your choice.

We do recommend you focus most of your efforts on SrSly for now, but if you have any other programs you really want to promote alongside SrSly, then your KISS program pages let you do that.

– Add a banner for SrSly PLUS a couple of other programs…

– And maybe a couple of your preferred traffic programs after that…

– And you can generate leads in SrSly and your other programs, plus you can generate some additional traffic at the same time.

– And if you also include banners for a couple of pay-per-signup programs like Earn Easy Commissions and Weeklyi.co you can earns some easy cash as well!

This is a powerful tool  that is proving very popular and already paying out for a lot of our Members, so make sure set it up and put it to work ASAP!

Emails & Support

We’ve switches our websites over to a different mail server now, so the various website notification emails are sending more reliably now, but we still do ask that you use the Helpdesk for any support issues just to make sure we don’t leave anyone hanging.

Our website is designed/structured in a way that is has to send a lot of mails, so we are always going to run the risk that our emails get filtered to spam, or blocked by some ISPs altogether. We abide by all the standard  ‘best practices’, but delivery is never guaranteed.

So if you use the Helpdesk for support issues, we can track your query and make sure you always get a response. You’ll find a link on any page of the website. Thanks!

OK, that’s it for now… please check these items when you get a chance, and don’t forget to grab a couple of shares in the October Advertising Co-op!


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