We’ve just re-activated the order page for our Paid Traffic Co-ops, so you can secure shares in the next October Co-op. We ended up taking an extra month off to catch up on other things, so I realise a few people have been waiting patiently so I’m expecting this one to fill up fast.

The July Co-op was a huge success. After a slow start… a number of sites we planned to use had some issues… it ended up delivering 14-15 signups per share, almost double our guaranteed minimum of 8.

We also tested some new splash page and email combos that worked even better than planned, so all in all, I think we’re definitely onto a winning system now.

We are making a few changes though…

  • We will be cutting back on the frequency of these Co-op, so from now on we’ll only be running them every three (3) months… October, January, April and July.  They do take considerable time and effort to run… testing and sourcing new traffic, new splash pages and new emails… as well as placing dozens of ads and sending countless solos… which really makes it difficult to keep up with everything else going on with our site.
  • We are now guaranteeing a minimum of 10 signups per share. We’ll also open up additional shares to compensate if the demand is there, up to maximum 80 shares. That’s a minimum of 800 new members if the Co-op is fully subscribed, which will be a challenge, but I believe is achievable in the one month time-frame with the budget available… if we work smart and use the break between co-ops to plan the campaign.
  • We will open up the order form 3-4 weeks out each time, to give everyone a fair chance to secure one or more shares in the Co-op. Ideally we’ll sellout all available shares a week or so before the start date each time, to let us get a lot of the advertising booked prior to the launch date.

So that’s the general format from here on. This should make it more manageable for us and even better value for you, so I hope you’ll put it to good use. Thanks to everyone who’s supported this initiative so far, especially those Members who have been in on both co-ops.  Much appreciated!

The order form is now open for October, so please give it some thought and grab a share or two if you can!

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