The replacement program for Crypto Giveaways is now Live, so please update your account to ensure you get paid for your existing referrals. This is your ONLY chance to get in first so your downline follow you into the new portfolio programs.

As mentioned last time, we decided to wind up the Crypto Giveaways program as it was getting too hard to maintain and it turns out, too hard for the majority of Members to use. The program list was changing more and more often as their ICOs came and went, and it was clear most Members weren’t making any attempt to keep up with the changes.

Hopefully you all grabbed some free tokens from the various offers though?

Those are independent from our program, so keep an eye on the respective updates and you never know… one or more might be worth something useful one day.

I will write a detailed wrap up of where each one is at shortly.

Same Website, New Downline Builder Program

We didn’t want your efforts in this one to be wasted, so we decided to maintain the membership database and ‘install’ a new program in it’s place. There was another project I’d been testing for a while and was almost ready to go, so we finished that off over the last couple of weeks and set it up using the giveaways website/software.

The doors are now reopened, and your account details and existing downline remain intact.

There is a different set of programs though, so you will need to register for each and save your username, so your existing downline people can follow you into them.

There’s just 6 programs this time and you can register for 5 of them for free. The sixth will cost you $6 but will return a $1 instantly from any of your existing downline who follow you in.

Chances are you are already signed up for a couple of these. (Our Crypto eBiz Members should be signed up for 4 of them already!) So you should check out the home page and then login and save those usernames ASAP and sign up for the remainder.

This new program has been testing extremely well and the feedback from our testers has been very positive.

It’s early days still, but I think we’re onto a winner… it’s very simple to set up, you can start with no money down, or you can speed it up considerably with a couple of small investments.

And it’s converting really well.

I won’t go into a long explanation here… please visit the Home Page and look over all the info there, then login and set up your Usernames. Your login details won’t have changed.

One Dollar Dynasty

We’ve added a few email swipes if you want to send this to your list, and we’ll get some banners up this week. I’ve left the old banners there for now, so any campaigns you have set up will continue to work… we’ll swap those out for the new ones when they’re ready.

It is new and we still have a few updates to finish off in the Members Area, but if you see anything you think we’ve overlooked, please do let me know!

The only other thing is, if you have an existing downline in this, you will need to act fast!

We’re going to trickle-feed this email to everyone over the next few days. So you’ll have a small headstart on your referrals, but as soon as you read this, please don’t delay… login and register with the new programs and save your usernames, so your people follow you in.

Crypto Currencies & Crypto eBiz Members

There is one ‘crypto’ program included in the portfolio, but it is very simple and everything happens in normal ‘dollars’.¬† So anyone who was in this purely for the Crypto element should focus their efforts of the Srslt Crypto eBiz package.

Members of the eBiz program can continue to promote that package to grow their downlines in both programs. You won’t need to make any changes on the SrSly site… your username is the same and we’ll update the info there shortly.

OK, that’s about it for now. Please do this now! Like I said there are only six programs in total and you are probably signed up for a couple of them already.

It won’t take long and if you had ANY sort of downline in the old program, you could make a few dollars over the next couple of days as those people follow you into the new programs!

One Dollar Dynasty


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