This post is not current!

Please note, this post is quite old now and some of the information is no longer accurate. Some of the offers are still valid, but if you run through them all, be prepared for some that have closed and probably a few sites not even there anymore.

That said, there are some very good offers in the mix though, giving away a lot of tokens that are looking very promising… like SwiftDemand and the Q Initiative!… so definitely worth a look now that you’re here.

If you’re looking for a start in Cryptos and/or a low-cost Online Business builder, please take a look at our two main programs…

Seriously Simple Crypto eBiz : Business-in-a-box approach to cryptos. No cost, no experience necessary… register, run through the set up and promote it. You can then reinvest your initial profits in a few upgrades to ramp up the output.

One Dollar Dynasty : A simple downline builder program that will take a very small investment and parley it into a substantial monthly income. A couple of bucks will get you started, or $10-$20 will make it happen even faster!

Either way, these are NOT get-rich-quick programs… You will need to invest some time, effort and money before you can expect any significant return.

We set it up so you can ‘earn your initial stake’ if you’re short of funds, but if you’re looking for some fantasy-ebiz where you spend nothing and do nothing and retire in 3 months… please take a pass on this one…

On the other hand… if you’re committed, serious and prepared to work until you get there, we’d love to hear from you!

Claim Your Free Coin & Tokens Immediately.

Here’s a live list of the best free Cryptos, Tokens and Bounties currently available.  Some might be worth a few dollars after their ICOs, and if we’re lucky, one or two might really take off.

You can claim an allocation on most of these simply by signing up. You can add to that significantly by completing additional tasks to help spread the word.

You’ll earn extra coin immediately and it will increase the chances of the ICO being a success…

And the coin being worth something.

So it really is in your best interest to at least share you unique referral link on you social media accounts!

Just keep in mind that there’s a real chance that some of these tokens will fade away and others might never be worth more than a dollar or two… so do the basics to get your allocation, but also do your own sums and research before you spend too much time on the more complex tasks.

1. 100 Free Swifts Per Day, Forever!

272   |     |   146   |  

Grab 100 SwiftTokens for signing up, and another 100 a day ongoing. They refer to this as Basic Income and have a plan to give anyone who needs it regular, ongoing payments, forever. You do need to login and claim your all0cation at least once every 7 days, so check it out, claim your initial allocation and then schedule a reminder if you decide it's worth it! There's an additional 500 bonus allocations for referring people so be sure to share this on your social media sites as well.

100 Free Swifts Per Day, Forever!

2. 25,000 Free TBC Coins

101   |     |   87   |  

25,000 Free TBC Coins

To be really blunt, I'm not a fan of the front-end website for this offer… I find the explanations a bit complicated and the sales presentation is a bit tacky… ie a sales pitch narrated by Santa Claus!... However… The actual offer is too good to ignore. For a limited time you can get 25,000 of their coin as a gift. It's part of an ambitious project called The Billion Coin planning, among other things, to end world poverty. Mostly by tying their coin value to the number of users, forcing it to keep on increasing. They have a solid plan in place to ensure the value of those coin increases consistently. It's working well so far... increasing in value 2% per day ... so if that continues and it works even half as well as they’re predicting, it could be a huge payout for anyone who gets on board now. There is a bit of a catch though... You can grab your 25,000 coin now and just leave it at that, OR... You can choose to pay a $10 fee to use the back-office for a year, to promote your referral links and seriously increase your holdings and your earnings. There’s also a $1/month option if that’s an issue. That gives you access to the back-office and all the promo tools etc. It also gives you the option to give away batches of 25,000 coins yourself, to anyone you like… friends, family, people in your other downlines or mailing lists… I actually joined a little while back when the gift was larger and invited a number of people to grab their own gift… and a number of those people responded positively, so I thought I’d try it out here as well… So right now, you should definitely grab the freebies... they could be worth a lot of money in the not too distant future... and if you have a website, a social media presence, a mailing list... friends... family... Pay the $10 so you can send them a gift for Christmas too!

25,000 Free TBC Coins

3. 50,000 POW - The new global currency

117   |     |   87   |  

Get approx 100,000 50,000 POW for registering with both Facebook and Twitter. Additional tokens are paid out for referrals, so consider sharing on your social media profiles when prompted. This one is decreasing the bonus with every new signup, so the sooner you get in, the more you'll get. There's a lot of info on the site for the techies, but otherwise just register to make you claim and post a few links and then just wait and see how it goes...

50,000 POW - The new global currency

4. 500 DPS Tokens From 10xBitcoin

126   |     |   106   |  

Sign up here for 500 DPS Digital Coin Tokens. These are added to your wallet automatically... no strings attached... and you'll be able to transfer them to a crypto exchange once they're released by the parent company, currently scheduled for early 2018. Once registered, do have a look around the site and see if it's something you might want to promote. It's a MLM offering a range of advertising, marketing and educational products. The first qualification is just $5 and it's actually pretty easy  to promote... definitely worth considering!

500 DPS Tokens From 10xBitcoin

5. 100+ Sphere Tokens

111   |     |   82   |  

Sphere is a decentralized social network that employs the blockchain to provide privacy for it’s users and total transparency for the company. Get 100 free tokens on signup. Additional tokens can be earned for completing bounty tasks. Looks like the actual social network is still a way off, but the idea is striking a chord with a lot of social media users and the bounty program seems to be really taking off, so this could be the winning combo we're all looking for! So grab your tokens and complete as many bounty tasks as you can so you see how it evolves…

100+ Sphere Tokens

6. ZeroSum Bounty Contest!

117   |     |   84   |  

There's up to 75 Million Tokens Available with this one and you can get several hundred entries completing a few simple tasks... following and liking ZeroSum, taking a short survey, signing up for ZeroSum itself. You will need a non-exchange Ethereum Wallet to receive your payouts. You can set one up at ZeroSum is a Fantasy Trading Platform, where to compete against a small number of other members, to see who can get the best trading result with the selected instruments over the contest time frame. There's a small entry fee ($0.75 - $3) with prizes for the top 3 finishers. All a bit of fun and a chance to win a few dollars... If you're interested in learning FX, this is a good palce to start. The blog has lots of good info, and the contests are a good safe environment to test your skills.

ZeroSum Bounty Contest!

7. Get 5 SOL For Each Sola Referral

89   |     |   67   |  

Sola is the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by users. On Sola users create, spread and earn on their information. Developers have the same access to audience and infrastructure as the core team and revenue generated by your content is actually shared with you! This is an interesting approach in that it uses AI to disseminate information to likely interested users, rather than you following people and hoping their content remains relevant to your interests. And the rev-sharing system  encourages everyone to both publish and consume content. So even without the referral bonus, this is one looks particularly promising to me. If the interest in the ICO converts to active users of the platform, this could eventually give the mainstream social sites a run for their money. ( So much so I'm putting my money where my mouth is and investing in the ICO as well! ) To get your referral link, just look for the Try Our App button at the top right of the page, select Web App and register... your referral link will then be shows at the top of the Members Dashboard. You get 5 SOL for every friend you refer, so make sure you are the first to share this with your connections on the mainstream social media platforms!

Get 5 SOL For Each Sola Referral

8. 50 Free WCE Coin

75   |     |   42   |  

WCX is a brand new, low cost digital currency exchange. You’ll get 50 WCX Tokens when you signup and another 50 WCXT Tokens for every referral you make. As a holder of WCX Tokens, you'll also be entitled to a portion of WCX’s revenue.

50 Free WCE Coin

9. Teleport

111   |     |   34   |  

Teleport provides a network connecting remotely hosted drones all around the world. Even without the upcoming ICO, it’s an interesting site for anyone interested in drones, photography etc. Right now you can get 50 tokens for free on signup and you’ll get 5% commission on purchases from your referrals during the token sale.


10. 100 GEE Tokens

67   |     |   29   |  

Geens is an encrypted cloud storage company. You can claim your 100 GEE Tokens by liking the site on FB and/or Twitter, plus you can earn 500 more with your referral link. There’s also dozens of additional activities you can do to earn more… check the bounties page for details.

100 GEE Tokens

11. 20 Free Pecun Tokens

57   |     |   57   |  

This one lets you safely invest in new blockchain & crypto businesses. They describe themselves as the world’s first fully decentralized investment platform, offering active scanning of the market for blockchain start-ups with unique value proposition and high growth potential. You get 20 free tokens on signup but I personally will be following this one more closely and making a few small test investments… I’ll post an update after that’s had time to run.

20 Free Pecun Tokens

12. 500 DealBox Tokens

86   |     |   32   |  

DealBox describes itself as a blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform. It uses a unique voucher that gives blockchain enthusiasts first access to rigorously vetted, top-tier pre-sale blockchain ventures. The referral program is quite simple... just register your email address and you'll be issued a unique referral link. Send that you your friends and colleagues, share it on your social media accounts, add it to your blog or website.. .and once you get 10 referrals you'll be credited with 500 tokens. If you're interested in investing in some ICOs, this is a great platform for accessing current/thorough information and recommendations. Just go to the main page and register a free account...

500 DealBox Tokens

13. Redd Mailer

79   |     |   48   |  

This is a traffic exchange that's using a crypto coin to grow it's network and reward it's users. If you already use any traffic sites, it makes a lot of sense to sign up and at least test their services. You get 1000 credits for joining... for mailing, banner and  text ads... so set it up, claim your coin, and see if the results justify some additional paid ads! To claim the coins, you will need to download and install the ReddWallet ... a desktop app with versions for all major platforms. That only takes a minute, then got to File => Receiving Addresses and copy the Wallet ID. Submit that with your ReddMailer Username on the ReddMailer site any you're done.

Redd Mailer

14. Action Coin – ACTN

24   |     |   12   |  

The Action (ACTN) token represents the amount of Action Coin you’ll receive in the future Action ICO. Right now you can earn 1000 ICO Tokens on signup and can earn more by referring other visitors and other members. Action may be redeemed for discount vouchers, traded or eventually sold. I particularly like that this one pays out for visitors as well as sign-ups!

Action Coin – ACTN

15. Earn 50 Refereum For Starters...

43   |     |   21   |  

This is Blockchain for the Gamers. Get paid to watch videos and play online games. You get 50 points just for signing up using a referral link, 100 points for each referral you make… and there are several additional ways to earn more points for using the platform and the altcoin. Join other gamers who have already been earning money with Refereum by watching streams and referring others. You even earn when you're offline, so join today.

Earn 50 Refereum For Starters...

16. Open Money Bounty Contest

43   |     |   18   |  

Here's another high value Bounty Contest, this time for OPEN tokens. Complete a few simple tasks to earn entries in the pool. Closes end of January 2018 so be sure to share the links and posts on your social media so your links keep on working for you til then!      

Open Money Bounty Contest

17. Earn ETH and BNK From Bankera

87   |     |   39   |  

Bankera is building a bank for the blockchain era. Banker has launched its initial coin offering (ICO) on the SpectroCoin Exchange platform and you can earn commissions on your referrals purchases, paid out in ETH. To get in on the action, you will need to register an account on SprectroCoin and use that ID in your Bankera Referral link... So it should look like this... ... where XXXX is your SpctroCoin Referral ID. You will find more detail instructions on the Bankera website, just be ready to set up the extra account.

Earn ETH and BNK From Bankera

18. TokenPay ICO Bonuses

6   |     |   0   |  

This one is a little different in that you'll only get free coins if one of your referrals makes a purchase. So it's not strictly 'free', but the ICO is one of the best I've come across and it's getting a lot of attention... so you never know, a few shared links/graphics on your social media might add up to something. It's still a 100% matching bonus, so any referrals will soon add up. I decided to include this one because I've had a number of people asking about the other ICOs I've got a stake in, and this is one of them. It's a solid offer using the ICO to raise funds to develop a business plan that already has widespread support. It's merchant payments are a service I'm already implementing on some of my websites, and I can see this one taking off. Do your own due diligence of course, but I'm already in.

TokenPay ICO Bonuses

19. Join the SuchApp Bounty Contest!

6   |     |   0   |  

Up to 20 Million SP Tokens Available for completing various tasks. Full review coming shortly.

Join the SuchApp Bounty Contest!

20. DEEX Token Sale — Sign Up

5   |     |   0   |  

This one looks like it's almost ready, but some set up still required. Will post a review once they fix all the bugs...  

DEEX Token Sale — Sign Up

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  1. Got your email and so glad to see the list. A few I am already in. But most I didn’t know about. Please keep me updated. Thanks!

  2. Thanks heaps for your work here. I see what you mean with Sola… seem to remember Facebook having 650K users not so long ago, so if they convert that to active members that going to be one serious social media platform. I might have to get in on that one too!

  3. I miss your ‘nagging’ mails… 🙂 … You’d think promoting a Simply Serious Crypto Ebiz I’d have some little idea of ‘Cryptos’. Well, I seriously haven’t. I have endeavoured to find as much info as I possibly could/can. However, it still all remains embedded under layers of mud, there are so many of them! And what do you actually do with them? I know that the main aim behind your wonderful program is for people to go forth and wander gloriously off into a wealthy sunset but if you (or pay someone) could put all the abundance of knowledge in these ‘Crypto’ things into an Ebook that could be distributed amongst your more ignorant followers, I, for one at least, would be extremely grateful. (You really don’t have to know anything about cars in order to sell them do you? And no, I know zilch about them too!)

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